Project Overview
The goal of the project was to allow API product owners and non-owners a way to modify or request to modify API products after they were initially set up for consumption by the larger developer community in both Ascension and Ascension Technologies.

Duration: 1 month                                                                                                                                                              Company: Ascension

My Role: 
Design Lead

Problem Statement
All modifications to an existing API product must currently be updated by the developers on the Platform Services team. Due to the team's limited resources, the time spent obtaining and making the changes is problematic.
User Flow
We created a flow set of scenarios for the linked demo. In the first one, the developer/user does not own the API product they request to modify. In the second scenario, the developer/user owns the API product that they need to modify.
By forwarding any requested API product modifications directly to the owner from non-owner developers, the Platform Services developers can intervene only when necessary. By design, this update should reduce the time the Platform Services team needs to be involved.
How We Get There
•   Create a new Proxy Modification CTA
•   Create a new API Proxy Modification form
•   Perform modification to the existing development portion of the code promotion process
•   Add Timeline and Status event data add-on to support form submission and completion experience
Figure 1. This is an example of the new API Proxy Modification Request form for both owners and non-owners. Selecting the image or this link will allow you to see the Figma page and test drive the prototype.
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